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Map of the Territory of Columbia 1793

About This Deep Zoom Image

Ellicott, Andrew, 1754-1820 | Library of Congress

About This Project

I recently built a custom PHP- and mySQL-based WordPress automation system for batch-adding image collections with 1,000s of images into custom WordPress sites.

This cutting-edge solution automates custom SQL INSERT statements, allowing an admin an easy-to-use way to add many new Deep-Zoom image custom posts into WordPress, all at one time, in just a few seconds.

A museum website, for example, using open-source JavaScript libraries in the front-end can use this solution to guide visitors on a journey through the thousands of images in its collections, and add more at any time. And since it's WordPress, every image can be shared socially; can have individual categories and tags assigned to it; and can (optionally) have comments added.

Part of this project also includes automated batch-conversion of any number of scanned images from TIF or JPG to DZI, all at once or at any time.

Who Uses This Technology?

Deep-Zoom Images are for those who need to present hi-resolution image galleries using modern Internet technologies: archivists, museums, photographers and others with a need to present collections of hi-quality, fast-loading imagery via web browser, tablet or smartphone.

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