The End of History: Dames & Games

The End of History: Dames & Games

Documenting an Ongoing Process of Self-Destruction, continued.

For years I selected & saved interesting-looking obituary photos from the daily papers. That is, the average Joe and Jane whose portraiture styles are vanishing fast from memory. 
I’d read ’em, fold ’em, throw them into a box. Over the years those boxes collected thousands of obit portraits.

After saving them for unexplainable reasons I figured it was time to do something with the collection before it all goes out in a spree, much in the manner of the folks therein.

This is also a new media tribute to extant old media. Despite this being an obituary collection, print is not dead.

Unlike the bulk of the portraits in the obituary collection, the selections here are of famous people.
Part I is “Femmes Fatales” which highlights the achievements of interesting women: actresses, politicians, strippers and more. 
Part II is “World of Sport” highlighting famous athletic personalities from the golden era of sports (which ain’t today.)
This piece was done with a fading intervalometer on the timelapsed femmes and and an old scratched Nikon on both.