I teach graduate, undergraduate and professional students in many different courses in diverse academic disciplines.

These include interactive web design; information design; new media photojournalism; advanced multimedia production; audio post-production; graphic design; typography; business communications; book arts; animation; video art and art history.

Faculty Positions

Currently I am Adjunct Professor of Interactive Graphic Design at George Washington University, where I've taught such courses as Interactive Web Design; Frame-By-Frame Animation; and Layout & Design of the Book.

Prior to that, I was Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital Media at the original Corcoran College of Art + Design. I taught at the Corcoran for 7 years, in the BFA Design Department, the New Media Photojournalism graduate program, and the Art History program.

Before that I was a member of the faculty at the Catholic University of America in the Department of Art and the Department of Media Studies. There I taught courses in web design; Flash; audio post-production; video art and animation using web tools.

I've taught freshmen through seniors to graduate students to continuing eds to federal employees. I have a talent for simultaneously teaching technical matters, communication design & creativity to people of all age groups, aptitudes & backgrounds.

I've also lectured for the federal government and public/private sector organizations.

Montgomery College

  • Media Arts & Technologies: Web Portfolio
  • Media Arts & Technologies: Professional Website Development

George Washington University

  • Graphic Design: Layout and Design of the Book
  • Digital Media Design: Frame-By-Frame Animation
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I

The Corcoran College of Art + Design

  • Art History: Digital Media Culture
  • Graphic Design: Junior Studio Core, Graphic Design III
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Program, Audio Production: Speed of Sound
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Thesis, Directed Study
  • New Media Photojournalism: Senior Thesis, Directed Study
  • Digital Media Design: Senior Thesis, Digital Media Design IV
  • Digital Media Design: Junior Studio Core, Digital Media Design III
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design II
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I
  • Digital Media Design: Sound Design
  • Digital Media Design: Flash Animation

The Catholic University of America

  • Interactive Media Design: Audio Production & Design
  • Interactive Media Design: Video Art w/Final Cut Pro
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Dreamweaver
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Flash

Seminar Presentation – the National Press Foundation

  • Information Design: A Foundation in Web Publishing Tools

Seminar Presentations – US General Accounting Office

  • Graphic Design: Web Design For Print Professionals
  • Information Design: Transitioning from Print to Web Publishing

Student Work Highlights

Course Case Study:
Frame-By-Frame Animation

Using "frame" as a metaphor for the relationship between sequence and simultaneity, I designed this course to deliver insight into the ongoing evolution of animated content as well as hands-on experience exploring physical and digital projects.

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Lecture Audiences

  • The National Press Foundation
  • The United States Government Accountability Office (USGAO)
  • Judge, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition