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John Carmody: Teaching

I've taught 26 different courses in 20+ years at four colleges and universities.

That's dozens of college courses in a variety of disciplines for graduate, undergraduate and professional students.

We focus on intersections and sweet spots, such as those between design & dev; print & digital; front-end and back-end, and so on.

We aim to be at the place where specialties coalesce.

In other words, where the jobs of the future will be.

In fact, that's the ultimate sweet spot: the intersection of STEM and the humanities. My whole teaching career has been spent there.

I've taught courses in:

  • advanced multimedia production
  • animation
  • art history
  • audio post-production
  • book arts
  • business communications
  • graphic design
  • information design
  • interactive immersive media
  • new media photojournalism
  • typography
  • video art
  • website development
  • website design
  • web content management system strategy


These include:

  • front- and back-end development & design
  • JavaScript
  • HTML & CSS
  • mySQL / PHP
  • CMS strategies
  • WordPress
  • UI/UX
  • graphic design
  • audio & video pre- and post-production
  • audio recording, editing & mixing
  • animation
  • demography
  • magazine layout

You can see the course list below.

2024 Student Comments for My Coding & Graphic Design Courses:

  • Professor Carmody is an outstanding teacher. He's kind, patient, engaging, knowledgeable and very encouraging of questions. He's clear with his lecture material and his assignment instructions. He makes learning difficult web development content fun!
  • You are easily the best professor I have had - from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
  • The instructor makes helpful comments about the topics we go over, gives timely feedback that is helpful, and the class recordings are also helpful in case you miss something.
  • Very flexible i.e. lectures flow freely and revolve around student questions, Prof. Carmody lets students take fun creative liberty without it being overwhelming, he encourages students to create unique projects rather than sticking to rigid instructions, he is always willing to help you when you need it, and he is generally just a very cool and approachable professor with a lot of knowledge to share.
  • I wish I could have him for every tech class.
  • Thank you for your ongoing guidance and support throughout the semester. Your feedback has been incredibly valuable in my development as a graphic design student.
  • I just wanted to say I think you are a great professor and I really enjoyed time in class! ...I appreciate the work and joy you put in your classes! It has been a great experience for me. Thanks again.
  • Truly one of the best professors I've ever had.
  • I wanted to say thank you so much for being our professor for HTML. I learned a lot when designing a website. You went in-depth when explaining websites and things to do and things not to do with. ... It was a pleasure being in your class.
  • He encourages students to participate and has the, "there's never a bad question," outlook. He did not have tough penalties for late work. Taking the initiative to truly understand one thing is much more invaluable than being rushed through a bunch of things with deadlines and penalties.
  • The best technology professor I have ever had.
  • I had an amazing semester, and I enjoyed learning about all kinds of web-development. You were an amazing teacher and I wanted to thank you for everything.
  • I had such a fun time in TECH 273 & 276 this semester. Thank you for all of your encouragement. I am looking forward to moving forward with the skills we practiced!
  • There is nothing the professor could do to improve this course.

Montgomery College

  • Graphic Design: Graphic Design I
  • Graphic Design: Graphic Design II
  • Web Development: JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Web Development: Professional Website Development
  • Web Development: Web Content Management Systems & Strategy
  • Web Development: Advanced Professional Web Technologies
  • Web Development: Web Portfolio | Capstone Course
  • Broadcast Media Production: Intro To New Media

George Washington University

  • Graphic Design: Layout and Design of the Book
  • Digital Media Design: Frame-By-Frame Animation
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I

The Corcoran College of Art + Design

  • Art History: Digital Media Culture
  • Graphic Design: Junior Studio Core, Graphic Design III
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Program, Audio Production: Speed of Sound
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Thesis, Directed Study
  • New Media Photojournalism: Senior Thesis, Directed Study
  • Digital Media Design: Senior Thesis, Digital Media Design IV
  • Digital Media Design: Junior Studio Core, Digital Media Design III
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design II
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I
  • Digital Media Design: Sound Design
  • Digital Media Design: Flash Animation

The Catholic University of America

  • Interactive Media Design: Audio Production & Design
  • Interactive Media Design: Video Art w/Final Cut Pro
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Dreamweaver
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Flash

George Washington University, Course Highlight Reel: Frame-By-Frame Animation

Custom Description I Wrote For This Course:
Using “frame” as a metaphor for the relationship between sequence and simultaneity, Frame-By-Frame Animation delivers insight into the ongoing evolution of animated content as well as hands-on experience exploring time-based projects based on physical, digital & web media.

Custom Lesson Plan I Devised For This Course:

“Focusing on the animation, stop-motion and time-lapse work of Segundo de Chomón, Georges Méliès, Walt Disney, Ray Harryhausen, Jan Švankmajer, Terry Gilliam, James Cameron and PES, among others, I utilize still photos, text, clay, found objects, cut-out drawings and paint to introduce students to the principles and workflows for physical and digital frame-by-frame animation, including detailed storyboarding; audio editing and synchronization; lighting and much more.

The course assumes no prior animation, software, video, audio, lighting or photography experience.”

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