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Teaching & Lecturing

I teach graduate, undergraduate and professional students in many different courses in diverse academic disciplines.

In the more than 17 years I've been teaching I've met some outstanding students, eager to learn about becoming an interactive communicator in the modern era.

I've taught front-end; back-end; graphic design & audio production courses. Animation; media culture; project management skills; portfolio layout courses; and more.

I use cutting-edge code and tools to show students how to create elegant, flexible designs using the latest and greatest industry-standard tools.

I Teach A Variety Of Courses

  • professional website development
  • interactive web design
  • information design
  • new media photojournalism
  • advanced multimedia production
  • audio post-production
  • graphic design
  • typography
  • business communications
  • book arts
  • animation
  • video art
  • art history
  • plenty more

“Frame-By-Frame Animation”

Here's a demo reel from one of the courses I designed and taught at George Washington University. Make sure the sound's on.

Custom "Frame-By-Frame Animation" Overview:

Using “frame” as a metaphor for the relationship between sequence and simultaneity, Frame-By-Frame Animation delivers insight into the ongoing evolution of animated content as well as hands-on experience exploring time-based projects based on physical, digital & web media.

Course Description I Wrote For This Class:

“Focusing on the animation, stop-motion and time-lapse work of Segundo de Chomón, Georges Méliès, Walt Disney, Ray Harryhausen, Jan Švankmajer, Terry Gilliam, James Cameron and PES, among others, I utilize still photos, text, clay, found objects, cut-out drawings and paint to introduce students to the principles and workflows for physical and digital frame-by-frame animation, including detailed storyboarding; audio editing and synchronization; lighting and much more.

The course assumes no prior animation, software, video, audio, lighting or photography experience.”

Montgomery College

  • Media Arts & Technologies: Fundamentals of Graphic Design, II
  • Media Arts & Technologies: JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Media Arts & Technologies: Professional Website Development
  • Media Arts & Technologies: Advanced Professional Web Technologies
  • Media Arts & Technologies: Web Portfolio (Capstone Course)

George Washington University

  • Graphic Design: Layout and Design of the Book
  • Digital Media Design: Frame-By-Frame Animation
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I

The Corcoran College of Art + Design

  • Art History: Digital Media Culture
  • Graphic Design: Junior Studio Core, Graphic Design III
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Program, Audio Production: Speed of Sound
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Thesis, Directed Study
  • New Media Photojournalism: Senior Thesis, Directed Study
  • Digital Media Design: Senior Thesis, Digital Media Design IV
  • Digital Media Design: Junior Studio Core, Digital Media Design III
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design II
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I
  • Digital Media Design: Sound Design
  • Digital Media Design: Flash Animation

The Catholic University of America

  • Interactive Media Design: Audio Production & Design
  • Interactive Media Design: Video Art w/Final Cut Pro
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Dreamweaver
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Flash

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