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In 20 years @ 4 colleges & universities I've taught coding courses; design courses; audio/video post-production courses; animation; art history, & plenty more:

Front- and back-end development & design; graphic design & typography; WordPress; audio & video pre- and post-production...

...frame-by-frame animation; history of digital media culture; portfolio layout; book design, and more.

...WordPress theme design; layouts; UI/UX, etc.

Montgomery College

  • Graphic Design: Graphic Design I
  • Graphic Design: Graphic Design II
  • Web Development: JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Web Development: Professional Website Development
  • Web Development: Web Content Management Systems & Strategy
  • Web Development: Advanced Professional Web Technologies
  • Web Development: Web Portfolio | Capstone Course
  • Broadcast Media Production: Intro To New Media

George Washington University

  • Graphic Design: Layout and Design of the Book
  • Digital Media Design: Frame-By-Frame Animation
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I

The Corcoran College of Art + Design

  • Art History: Digital Media Culture
  • Graphic Design: Junior Studio Core, Graphic Design III
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Program, Audio Production: Speed of Sound
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Thesis, Directed Study
  • New Media Photojournalism: Senior Thesis, Directed Study
  • Digital Media Design: Senior Thesis, Digital Media Design IV
  • Digital Media Design: Junior Studio Core, Digital Media Design III
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design II
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I
  • Digital Media Design: Sound Design
  • Digital Media Design: Flash Animation

The Catholic University of America

  • Interactive Media Design: Audio Production & Design
  • Interactive Media Design: Video Art w/Final Cut Pro
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Dreamweaver
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Flash

Since 2004 I Have Taught 25 Courses in a A Variety Of Disciplines:

George Washington University, Course Highlight Reel: Frame-By-Frame Animation

Custom Description I Wrote For This Course:
Using “frame” as a metaphor for the relationship between sequence and simultaneity, Frame-By-Frame Animation delivers insight into the ongoing evolution of animated content as well as hands-on experience exploring time-based projects based on physical, digital & web media.

Custom Description I Wrote For This Course:

“Focusing on the animation, stop-motion and time-lapse work of Segundo de Chomón, Georges Méliès, Walt Disney, Ray Harryhausen, Jan Švankmajer, Terry Gilliam, James Cameron and PES, among others, I utilize still photos, text, clay, found objects, cut-out drawings and paint to introduce students to the principles and workflows for physical and digital frame-by-frame animation, including detailed storyboarding; audio editing and synchronization; lighting and much more.

The course assumes no prior animation, software, video, audio, lighting or photography experience.”

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