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Quarantine Videos:
Original Music, Time-Lapse Photography & Découpage

The pandemic was the impetus for documenting my studio's evolution, as well as the music & projects created therein.

This includes time-lapse & animated video assemblages of mixed-media découpage pieces being built, set to fresh remixes of music I composed, arranged & performed.

  • Where's The Real Emma Peel?

    This is a panoramic walking tour of my studio emphasizing its dream-state vibe, painted with LoRes strokes by a cheap-o camera.

  • Women of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick

    Impromptu AI experiment: Constructivism, Art Deco, Impressionism, Precisionism, Futurism, and the every-day post-apocalyptic millennial crapola.

  • Mary What's Her Name

    Pieces sliced straight from a quarantine dream, this photographic study of my studio is a tour of obsolescence. I wrote & performed the music, shot the pix.

  • Texaco No. 7

    This is a time-lapse about cultural devastation and - maybe - a rise from the ashes (though we know what rebirth's worth in the end.)

  • Seer/Sucker

    “Seer/Sucker” aka “The Illustrated Man’s Guitar” is a mixed-media découpage exploration of better days in the USA.

  • The Spirit of ’59

    “The Spirit of ’59” is a mixed-media découpage exploration of the days back when popular music was good.

  • Chucks Reduxe

    “Chucks Reduxe” is a time-lapse of my studio shot in late-fall quarantine20 on a cheap-o camera with a soundtrack composed and performed by me.

  • LP Or Die

    I made the mistake of leaving for college w/o laying down some ground rules, and my folks tossed my vinyl collection in the trash.

  • Death Throes of PC DOS

    This time-lapse explores the intersection of color, serendipity and the lovely chaos brought about by a freshly-kaput 28-year-old computer.

  • Leon Loved The Snaked Girl

    Named for characters in the film Blade Runner, this is a salute to Film Directors and DPs who could really set-up a shot. Music composed & performed by me.

  • Time-Lapse Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights

    A family tradition for decades: stringing the lights on the tree in the traffic circle in front of our family home.

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