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My Studio

My studio is a simultaneous overlay of an art gallery, a performance space, a design office, a recording studio, a used record & book store and a pawn shop.

This space evokes the better elements of a New York loft, a Berlin nightclub, a London used book & record store and an LA pawn shop. All in a Washington cellar.

Make sure you check out some of the original music and video I composed while you're visiting. I wrote, recorded, shot, composed everything.

This is a Creative Environment

An extension of skin, bone, circuit boards, paper & vinyl, my work studio is a co-mingling of the obsolete and the cutting edge.

Antiques, castaways, 33 1/3 album covers and open-source software interact with a striking visual experience which never fails to inspire hi-quality work.

Original Song: “I Really Didn't Mean It”

When I wrote this song, I was thinking of a 'Buck Owens meets the Rolling Stones in 1965 with the drummer from Blondie' kind-of-thing. Throw in some Buddy Holly too.

This song was performed here by one of my 1st bands, The Revellaires, released on Top Records.

Original Video: “Resolution No. One”

This was influenced by Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Edward Hopper and The Who.

The goal was to create something that reflected brooding mood and intensity, solitude and anonymity. I wanted to shoot and edit time-lapse footage with people and animals and nature.

Listen closely to the soundscape I built for it – all the water, wind & bird sounds are signals from shortwave and pirate radio stations.

Original Photography: Glimpses of this space in time-lapse

This time-lapse video has some nice interior shots of my studio over the years.

I wrote the soundtrack to this video. Play this loud - there is a smoking guitar solo....

...and make sure you check out the dancing bat.

Custom-Designed Clothing For Sale!

Mostly, I focus on recreations of ephemeral relics from the better days of the USA.

Original Custom Face Mask Designs

Stay Healthy (Or Stay Beautiful) With An Original Design

Recent Site Highlights

Aircheck Collection

I used to be a hoarder of found moments on the AM & FM radio airwaves

The Big Broadcast

Ed Walker, one of the Joy Boys, brought back the golden days of radio every Sunday night for 30 years.

Gunsmoke. Jack Benny. Dragnet. Lum 'n Abner. The Shadow. News of the day, much more.

The Big Broadcast played on WAMU FM on Sunday nights, mostly from 7 to 11.

The Eddie Stubbs Show

Eddie Stubbs's Sunday show on WAMU FM played a variety of classic honkytonk, traditional country and vintage bluegrass + deep catalog favorites.

This was a show for listening to while drinking beer in the sun in the afternoon, great music delivered with unique insight.

The Dick Spottswood Show

The "Obsolete Music Hour" played rare classic recordings of bluegrass, country, string bands, honky tonk, western swing, blues, gospel & old world music.

Great Music & Sports

Off-the-air live recordings of a now-defunct station playing all sorts of great American popular music from the mid-20th century, back when music was good.

You'll also find some Baltimore Orioles post-game highlights from the mid-1980s.

News & Music on WAMU

From elections to 9/11 to the war on terror, these off-the-air live recordings of events of the day are from NPR on WAMU FM.