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My Studio

My design studio is a simultaneous overlay of an art gallery, a performance space, a recording studio, a used record & book store and a pawn shop.

The space evokes the better elements of a New York loft, a Berlin nightclub, a London used book & record store and an LA pawn shop.

All in a Washington cellar.

Make sure you check out some of the original music and video I composed while you're visiting. I wrote, recorded, shot, composed everything.

This is a Creative Environment

An extension of skin, bone, circuit boards, paper & vinyl, my work studio is a co-mingling of the obsolete and the cutting edge.

Antiques, castaways, 33 1/3 album covers and open-source software interact with a striking visual experience which never fails to inspire hi-quality work.

Original Song: “I Really Didn't Mean It”

When I wrote this song, I was thinking of a 'Buck Owens meets the Rolling Stones in 1965 with the drummer from Blondie' kind-of-thing. Throw in some Buddy Holly too.

This song was performed here by one of my 1st bands, The Revellaires, released on Top Records.

Original Video: “Resolution No. One”

This was influenced by Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Edward Hopper and The Who.

The mood was brooding and intense, solitude and anonymity. I wanted to shoot and edit time-lapse footage with people and animals and nature.

Listen closely to the soundscape I built for it – all the water, wind & bird sounds are signals from shortwave and pirate radio stations.

Original Photography: Glimpses of this space in time-lapse

This time-lapse video has some nice interior shots of my studio over the years.

I wrote the soundtrack to this video. Play this loud - there is a smoking guitar solo....

...and make sure you check out the dancing bat.

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