My Studio

I work inside a growing piece of art. A simultaneous overlay of a gallery, a performance space, a design office and a recording studio, this installation evokes the better elements of a New York loft, a Berlin nightclub, a London used book & record store and an LA pawn shop.

All in a Washington cellar.

This is a Creative Environment

An extension of skin, bone, circuit boards, paper & vinyl, my work studio is a co-mingling of the obsolete and the cutting edge.

Antiques, cast-aways, 33 1/3 album covers and open-source software interact with a striking visual experience which never fails to inspire hi-quality work.

Glimpses of my studio in LUXURIOUS time lapse

This time-lapse video has some nice interior shots of the studio over the years.

I wrote the soundtrack to this video. Play this loud - there is a killer guitar solo.

Photos from My Studio


Click here to see more photos from the Washington Post Magazine shoot, as well as other photos taken over the last 18 years as this space has evolved.