My Last Apartment

The Life of a Musician in the Mid-1990s

Destined to ditch yet another crummy job with an @#$! boss, I spent a lot of time playing in loud rock bands, going to shows, recording demos & watering the neighborhood hole.

These are incoming and outgoing shots from when I lived on top of a runDown on New Hampshire Avenue in the District in a tiny flat with a hell of a view.

Included too are samples from a photo shoot taken there while rehearsing a demo for a studio recording project.

A lot of those bedroom demos ended up with sirens in them as there was a firehouse just down the street with its contents regularly coming & going. (Production note: sometimes a declining siren in the bedroom might be just right.)

My neighbors must have hated my guts: guitar amps and a drum kit on the 8th floor. Sorry, folks.


View Facing South

Interiors, I

Interiors, II

Photo Shoot




Ticket Stub Collection, 1994 – 2008

Check out this link, it is more in the same vein of documenting my past’s destruction. An excerpt:

“While considering how to do a “making-of” the obliteration of many piles of paper journals covering several decades, I dug out a few ephemeral memories to save from the flames. For now.”


check it out