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Over the years, photos of my studio have been featured in the Washington Post Magazine's “Second Glance” section 3 times.

Are you good at concentrating? Find the 12 differences between the original photograph and the altered photograph.

That's Me 4 Times in the Washington Post

“The Great Wall of Music”2009

“The Rehearsal Space”2021

“The Studio Session”2023

“Record Review”The Revellaires
Pop Of Ages

by Mike Joyce

"Without really hewing to any one style, [this music is] an impressive string of songs, a mixture of come-ons, kiss-offs and sundry attitudes that are equipped with sharp melodic and rhythmic hooks and lyrics that have more than a little bite as well. All are intriguing slices of pop, well written and neatly arranged by a lean, punchy quartet fond of ringing guitars and an insistent beat."

People of a certain fortunate generation grew up idolizing the guitar riff and guitar solo.

These songs are reflections of that.

When I wrote “I Really Didn't Mean It”, I was thinking of Buck Owens and the '65 Stones playing with Buddy Holly and the drummer from Blondie.

“Goodbye My Baby” just rocks, playing it loud is 2:36 of your life well-spent.

These songs were recorded by the Revellaires, released on Top Records.

Words & Music © John Carmody, Washington, DC

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