Interactive Family History: Genealogy Museum

What is the Second Biggest Hobby in America?

You guessed it – genealogy. And family history sites are the second most visited category of websites on the Internet.

Just about the hardest part of modern-day genealogy is securely preserving, organizing and presenting huge amounts of sundry ancestral findings to far-flung descendants.

That’s what motivated me to build the Carmody Family Museum.

This is a rough-draft tour of the project in its current version, a small sampling of its content and capabilities to give you an idea as to its offerings.

Please Note: logins for the Carmody Family Museum are disabled while this version is being completed.

Entertaining & Educational Family History

The Carmody Family Museum is an interactive genealogy exhibition designed to promote & preserve memories of Carmody, Papson, Donahoe & Oetting ancestors, among others, as well as to educate and entertain their descendants as to lives led in better days.

The Primary Audience for this Project has not Been Born Yet

This interactive, data-driven archive is designed for easy discovery of our ancestors decades down the road from now, regardless of how people are creating and consuming content in the future.

The Carmody Family Museum was created to protect and preserve our family memories for the long run. This project is – and always will be – a work in progress.

What good is a college degree in American History?

Well, one thing I know how to do is research. I designed & programmed this interactive new-media museum in order to facilitate research and reporting for beginners to professionals performing genealogical studies.

The work I’ve done for this project includes but is not limited to design; information hierarchy & front-end layout development; coding; highly-customized back-end programming; database set-up and management; programmatic imagery creation & processing; web server development; interactive component creation; data visualizing; video editing; audio editing; UX & UI design, and, of course, the research.

A Digital Asset Management solution for genealogists

Designed as an organizational curation solution, the Carmody Family Museum is a custom-built, open-source solution which organizes and presents images, albums, scans, PDFs, remastered  audio files, video clips, individual family trees and pedigrees, census records, geo-coordinates, family events, detailed research findings, user comments, and many other types of digital data.

Hand-designed and programmed from scratch, the Carmody Family Museum is made-up of numerous sections:

  • genealogical details
  • collections of images and multimedia
  • interactive new-media geography and history storytelling components
  • home movies and audio recollections
  • artifacts, ephemera and memorabilia
  • detailed research on individual family members
  • stories, comments & social sharing for individual highlighted items

What’s Under the Hood of the carmody family museum?

In part, the Carmody Family Museum project uses the following open-source libraries, frameworks, platforms & technologies:

  • WordPress
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • JSON
  • mySQL
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • RSS
  • Google Maps API
  • PHP/GD
  • ArcGIS
  • JW-player
  • jPlayer
  • Leaflet API
  • ESRI
  • HighCharts
  • CartoDB
  • reCaptcha
  • TimeLineJS
  • lots more

  • Interactive StoryMap: Bus Trip Across America, pt 1

  • Original Song: I Really Didn’t Mean It

  • Interactive JavaScript Game: O No!

  • WordPress Dev & Design: National Press Foundation

  • WordPress Dev & Design: More Than Cancer

  • Interactive StoryMap: Life on the Mississippi

  • Deep-Zoom Image: The Five Points, 1827

  • Photo: No More “Breakfast All Day”

  • Graphic Design: Custom T-Shirts

  • Interactive Family History: Genealogy Museum

  • Graphic Design: CSS Grid Print-To-Web Experiments

  • WordPress: The Cary Group

Client Case Study:
The National Press Foundation

I was hired to build the National Press Foundation a brand new website featuring a state-of-the-art digital asset management system allowing the foundation to deliver streamlined interactive educational experiences to the national and international journalists making up its target audience.

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