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“Then-And-Now” Interactive: Family Residences In Ireland, 1853

Another highlight from my Family Museum project, this interactive data mash-up shows a comparative "then-and-now" view of the farms and towns in 1853 Ireland where my paternal great great grandparents lived before, during and after the Great Famine.

NOTE: though these sliders look like interactive maps, they are *images*, and therefore are not zoomable like maps. Use your finger or mouse to drag the slider. Best viewed on a big screen.

Torpey Family In Killenaule, Co. Tipperary

According to Griffith’s Valuation from 1853, Walter Torpey leased a house and small garden on River Street in Killenaule, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

(River Street is to the right of number 29.)

Born in 1820, Walter Torpey moved his family from Killenaule to Albany, NY in 1870, where he made a living as a shoemaker. His daughter Maggie moved to Washington, DC.

View a live map of Killenaule, Ireland

Donahoe Family in Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow

Born around 1816, James Donahoe (pictured) and Mary Ryan Donahoe moved their family from Bagenalstown, Co. Carlow, Ireland to Albany, NY, in 1848 near the height of the Great Famine.

Their son James H. Donahoe moved to Washington, DC in 1905.

View a live map of Bagenalstown

Carmody Family in Muingvautia, Castleisland, Co. Kerry

According to Griffith’s Valuation, in 1853 Cornelius Carmody was a farmer leasing farmland in Muingvautia, Castleisland, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

Photo: the house in which his grandson, Cornelius J. Carmody, was born in 1864 before moving` to Washington, DC in 1888.

View a live map of Muingvautia

Dee Family in Templeglantine, Co. Limerick

Born between 1830 and 1840, Michael and Mary Dunworth Dee (pictured) and their family were farmers in Templeglantine, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Their daughter Margaret Dee moved to Washington, DC in the 1880s and married Cornelius J. Carmody.

View a live map of Templeglantine

Dunworth Family Burial Plot, Templeglantine, Co. Limerick

The Dunworth Family lived and died in Templeglantine, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

Mary Dunworth married Michael Dee. Their daughter Margaret Dee moved to Washington, DC in the 1880s and married Cornelius J. Carmody.

View a live map of Templeglantine

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Mostly, I focus on recreations of ephemeral relics from the better days of the USA.

Aircheck Collection

I used to be a hoarder of found moments on the AM & FM radio airwaves

The Big Broadcast

Ed Walker, one of the Joy Boys, brought back the golden days of radio every Sunday night for 30 years.

Gunsmoke. Jack Benny. Dragnet. Lum 'n Abner. The Shadow. News of the day, much more.

The Big Broadcast played on WAMU FM on Sunday nights, mostly from 7 to 11.

The Eddie Stubbs Show

Eddie Stubbs's Sunday show on WAMU FM played a variety of classic honkytonk, traditional country and vintage bluegrass + deep catalog favorites.

This was a show for listening to while drinking beer in the sun in the afternoon, great music delivered with unique insight.

The Dick Spottswood Show

The "Obsolete Music Hour" played rare classic recordings of bluegrass, country, string bands, honky tonk, western swing, blues, gospel & old world music.

Great Music & Sports

Off-the-air live recordings of a now-defunct station playing all sorts of great American popular music from the mid-20th century, back when music was good.

You'll also find some Baltimore Orioles post-game highlights from the mid-1980s.

News & Music on WAMU

From elections to 9/11 to the war on terror, these off-the-air live recordings of events of the day are from NPR on WAMU FM.