Her Inner Self (Revealed)

Imagine a 10-megaton nuclear weapon being airburst directly on top of a person who utterly deserves it. At that moment, the instant of direct impact, her true and simultaneous inner natures are revealed for all to see.

This is a “making of” – type video of a decoupage piece in my studio… Overall? The idea here was to create something temporal that reflected the themes going on in the decoupage/sculpture thing I was working on at the time: plague; extinction; destruction; traitorous behavior; insects; insecurity; dinosaurs – and of course: the devil.

The audio in “her inner self (revealed)” comes from many sources – some found; some historic; some created by me. Overall, the sound bed is supposed to evoke bleak destruction and monstrous gloom.

Listen For:

roseTokyo Rose
The voice of the enemy: anti-US propagandist encouraging the demoralization of US troops in WWII.
kentStateKent State Shooting
Live audio recording of an Ohio National Guardsman conflicted over whether to shoot the student protesters.
bruceLeeKung Fu Fight
Our Hero kicks the ass of the people attacking him…
eleanorEleanor Roosevelt
Good advice on proper decorum.
sirenCivil Defense Siren
Found recording of Nuclear Alert siren going off
destructionTsunami Disaster
Audio sampled from live video of victims escaping the Phuket tidal wave