I Really Didn’t Mean It

by Mike Joyce

“Without really hewing to any one style, [this music is] an impressive string of songs, a mixture of come-ons, kiss-offs and sundry attitudes that are equipped with sharp melodic and rhythmic hooks and lyrics that have more than a little bite as well.

All are intriguing slices of pop, well written and neatly arranged by a lean, punchy quartet fond of ringing guitars and an insistent beat.”



People of a certain fortunate generation grew up idolizing the guitar riff and guitar solo.

This song and others I’ve written are reflections of that.

When I wrote “I Really Didn’t Mean It”, I was thinking of Buck Owens and the ’65 Stones playing with Buddy Holly and the drummer from Blondie.

These songs were recorded by the Revellaires, released on Top Records.

Words & Music © John Carmody, Washington, DC