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Original Tee Shirt Designs

2021: Splat @ 25 Band Logo

I designed this wordmark to mark the 25th anniversary of a musical group. The "SPL" in the logo not only reflects the band's name - splatterkep - but also refers to Sound Pressure Levels. You can see a SPL sine wave run through the logo, reflecting the loop-based nature of much of what the band offers. The arrow in the sine wave points to an LP (itself a nod to the band's influences as well as the word "platter" in the middle of their name.) Finally, the arrow + red + white + blue + the circles = a nod to The Who.

1971: Washington Redskins – I Like Sonny

If you lived in the District in 1971-1972, you'll remember a huge rivalry between fans of Redskins quarterbacks Sonny Jurgensen & Billy Kilmer. They were both gods. This slogan was printed on bumper stickers sold throughout DC, MD & VA. They were slapped on cars, park benches, barwalls, anywhere anyone might offer an opinion. What's yours? You can also buy an "I Like Billy!" tee-shirt.

2020: Carmody All Star

I'm down to my last pair of Chucks after buying 10 pairs in 2003, when Nike bought Converse. I was worried then that the former'd put their swoosh on the latter. They didn't though, and while I'm out, I am not going to buy any more. Instead? I recreated from scratch a Chuck Taylor logo from the 1960s and tweaked the name. Look and feel and typography is vintage.

1917, Chicago: The Real National Pastime

When baseball was worth a damn, I was of course an American League fan. Here is a 1917 White Sox Team Logo, reimagined. Like sex, Chicago according to Nelson Algren is "a rigged ball game."

1980: Do You Know What’s Good?

Back when music was good, we listened to this. In re-imagining this 1980 sticker from a rock station stuck on a high school binder, I smote the lame acts in the original and replaced them with gods.

Rick 4001

Know someone who plays a Rickenbacker 4001 bass? Reward him for his good taste with this tee shirt.

Dead Kennedys

Mellow Out Or You Will Pay. Poster for the Dead Kennedys playing with Government Issue at GW in Washington DC circa 1979.

Nietzsche Is Dead

From the BFC Collection "God is Dead" - Nietzsche "Nietzsche Is Dead" - God

Goofus Was Framed

Ever read Highlights Magazine at the dentist's office? It turns out Gallant could be a real SOB...

Disco Still Sucks

Disco killed good music. It begat all the garbage that is music today.

Rock Star of David

Know any bass players or guitarists? This design is for those in the know.

U Owe Me A Beer (Flatland)

Wandering through Flatland streets, buildings, rivers, mountains, clouds & moon, if you see Mister U first everyone owes you a beer.

My Grass Is Blue

Lynyrd Skynyrd's bass player Leon Wilkeson wears a shirt with this motto on the cover of Skynyrd's Street Survivors LP.


Millie's is another non-extant dive at which I used to drink in Adams-Morgan, Washington DC.

The Best Job In The World, pt. 1

After being thrown out of high school in 1981 I worked at a place which did backstage catering for all the bands that came to play @ CapCentre in Largo, MD, in this case: Queen. These backstage passes got us everywhere in the arena, and over a year-and-a-half I got to meet Freddy Mercury & Brian May; Van Halen; The Who; Ozzy Osbourne; Richie Blackmore; and others.

Vintage Varsity Letters: GG

Know anyone with the initials or name GG? Gigi? Graham Greene? Great Gatsby? Glenn Gould? Gray Ghost? G. Gordon?

Oh Hell, or Hello?

Is this shirt a gift or a curse? It's hard to say when you're coming and going.

We Can Moo It!

Patriotism, nostalgia, graphic design and cows - what more could you want in these dark days?!

Blue Öyster Cult logo

An exploration of the BOC's soft white underbelly.... I re-imagined the Blue Öyster Cult's logo without using their symbol (but kept the umlaut.)

Baseball No. 9

This lovely tee shirt is based on a reconstruction of a 1911 baseball card from the Library of Congress. Play ball, and give this tee to a baseball fan.

45 RPM Adapter, No. 3

If you don’t know what this is, buy it & wear it & at least pretend you’re cool.

Trust In God & Keep Your Powder Dry

"Trust In God & Keep Your Powder Dry",  or, "Always be prepared to take action yourself if necessary." I came across the phrase soon after watching Magnum Force, that was that, the .357 image was fully-formed.

I Miss The 20th Century

Ever share a mix-tape? Like better audio? Do you know what was Good? This tee shirt is for you or a friend.

1916: US Liberty Dime

Brother can you spare a dime? This represents the apex of artistic quality of US coinage. Since then? Quality's dropping faster than the dollar.

1971: Do You Feel Lucky?

"Did he fire six shots or only five?” Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself. But being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you’ve gotta ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

45 RPM Adapter, No. 2

45rpm adapter, No. 2: If you don’t know what this is, buy it & wear it & at least pretend you’re cool. DELETE YOUR MP3 COLLECTION, SMASH YOUR SCREENS, SHRED YOUR CDS, LISTEN TO VINYL. IMPROVE YOUR LIFE IN DOING SO.

Vintage Varsity Letters: HC

What was, was better. Show you know that with this well-known Worcester, Mass., college lacrosse varsity letter from 1958.


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