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Project Highlights

Practice makes perfect – my skillset covers an ever-expanding list of fields, roles and technologies.

The best way to keep on top of this growing list of emerging digital storytelling techniques and platforms is to keep learning and practicing, refining and expanding.

Here are some interesting interactive experiments along those lines.

Texaco No. 7

"Texaco No. 7" is named after its soundtrack, a piece of music written about a certain kind of Greyhound bus driver whose composite I met ...

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LP or Die

I made the mistake of leaving for college w/o laying down some ground rules and my folks tossed my vinyl collection in the trash. I've ...

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The Spirit of ’59

"The Spirit Of '59" is a mixed-media découpage exploration of the days back when popular music was good. This is footage from when "The Spirit" ...

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Chucks Reduxe

"Chucks Reduxe" is a time-lapse of my studio shot in late-fall quarantine20 on a cheap-o camera with a soundtrack composed and performed by me. Over ...

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GWU Course: Frame By Frame Animation

Using "frame" as a metaphor for the relationship between sequence and simultaneity, Frame-By-Frame Animation (an undergraduate course I designed for George Washington University) delivers insight ...

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How To Watch Sound

I remixed & animated this classic rock song for one of the New Media Photojournalism graduate courses I taught at the Corcoran College of Art ...

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Custom-Designed Clothing For Sale!

Mostly, I focus on recreations of ephemeral relics from the better days of the USA.