Blessed Sacrament School: Home Movies from the 1940s & 1950s

These home movies are from the John J. and Helen D. Carmody Archives.

Published here to celebrate the 100th birthday of Blessed Sacrament School, the film was digitized in the early 1990s (& subsequently destroyed), hence the low resolution. Some of the years are approximate.

Included are scenes of Blessed Sacrament School and Parish in upper NW, Washington DC in the 1940s and 1950s.



1938 – Margaret M. Carmody, BSS class of 1944: Getting Ready for First Communion @ Blessed Sacrament

This is the intersection of Western and Nevada avenues NW facing Western Avenue, which was heavily-wooded back then.



1944 – May Procession + Blessed Sacrament Graduation




1946 – Misc Family; Scenes of Bethany Beach; Blessed Sacrament Graduation

Blessed Sacrament School graduation starts at 1:58



1946: Blessed Sacrament Graduation



1950 – Blessed Sacrament School Graduation



1950 – May Procession, Blessed Sacrament First Communion, others.

Note Chevy Chase Circle in the background. The BSS parts stop at 1:45 and resume at 4:20.



1953? – Blessed Sacrament School Graduation