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Books Read: Scripts & Screenplays

  • Collected Works, The Screenplays Vol 2


    Paddy Chayefsky1995

  • Death of a Salesman

    Arthur Miller1949

  • Equus

    Peter Shaffer1973

  • I Married A Communist

    Or, The Woman On Pier 13

    Robert Stevenson1949

  • In The Clap Shack

    William Styron1973

  • Return of the Thin Man

    Dashiell Hammett1935

  • Seven Plays

    Sam Shephard1981

  • Short Cuts

    Robert Altman & Frank Barhydt1993

  • The Crucible

    Arthur Miller1952

  • The Enemy Had It Too

    A Play In Three Acts

    Upton Sinclair1950

  • The Fifth Column

    Stories of the Spanish Civil War

    Ernest Hemingway1938

  • The Naked City

    Malvin Wald & Albert Maltz1948

  • Three Films

    Battleship Potempkin | October | Alexander Nevsky

    Sergei Eisenstein1974

  • Titus Andronicus

    William Shakespeare1588

  • Waiting For Lefty

    And Other Plays

    Clifford Odets1937