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Books Read: Political Science & Foreign Affairs

  • A Democrat Looks At His Party

    Dean Acheson1955

  • American Diplomacy

    George F. Kennan1952

  • Big Bets & Black Swans

    Policy Recommendations for President Obama in 2014

    ed., Brookings Institution2014

  • Bomb Power

    The Modern Presidency and the National Security State

    Garry Wills2010

  • Cyber War

    The Next Threat to National Security

    Richard A. Clarke2010

  • Don’t Wait for the Next War

    A Strategy for American Growth and Global Leadership

    General (ret.) Wesley K. Clark2014

  • Good Hunting

    An American Spymaster's Story

    Jack Devine2014

  • How Wars End

    A History of American Intervention

    Gideon Rose2010

  • In Confidence

    Moscow's Ambassador to America's Six Cold War Presidents (1962-1986)

    Anatoly Dobrynin1995

  • In Retrospect

    The Tragedy and Lessons of Vietnam

    Robert S. McNamara1995

  • Looking Forward

    Franklin D. Roosevelt1933

  • Masters of Deceit

    How The Communists Plan To Take Over America

    J. Edgar Hoover1958

  • My Silent War

    The Autobiography of a Spy

    Kim Philby1968

  • No More Vietnams

    Richard Nixon1985

  • Pakistan On The Brink

    The Future of America, Pakistan & Afghanistan

    Ahmed Rashid2012

  • Presidential Command

    Presidential Leadership and the Making of Foreign Policy

    Peter W. Rodman2009

  • Real Peace

    Richard Nixon1984

  • Second Chance

    Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower

    Zbigniew Brzezinski2007

  • Six Crises

    Richard M. Nixon1962

  • The Art of Intelligence

    Lessons from a Life in the CIA's Clandestine Service

    Henry A. Crumpton2012

  • The Dictator’s Learning Curve

    Inside the Global Battle for Democracy

    William J. Dobson2012

  • The Great Gamble

    The Soviet War in Afghanistan

    Gregory Feifer2009

  • The Hunt For KSM

    Inside the Pursuit and Takedown of the Real 9/11 Mastermind

    Terry McDermott and Josh Meyer2012

  • The Korean War

    Dean Acheson1969

  • The Lost Peace

    Leadership in a Time of Horror and Hope, 1945-1953

    Robert Dallek2010

  • The Prince

    Niccolò Machiavelli1513

  • The Real War

    Richard Nixon1980

  • The Roosevelt I Knew

    Frances Perkins1946

  • The Struggle for a Free Europe

    Dean Acheson1969

  • Washington Journal

    Watergate: The Events of 1973-1974

    Elizabeth Drew1974