Books Read, Law: 6

  • A Detailed Analysis of the Constitution

    Edward F. Cooke

  • Law and the Nation

    1865 - 1912

    Jonathan Lurie

  • Lincoln’s Constitution

    Daniel Farber

  • Reclaiming Fair Use

    How To Put Balance Back In Copyright

    Patricia Aufderheide & Peter Jaszi

  • Six Amendments

    How and Why We Should Change the Constitution

    John Paul Stevens, US Supreme Court Justice (ret.)

  • To Chain The Dog Of War

    The War Power of Congress in History and Law

    Francis D. Wormuth & Edwin B. Firmage


369 Books Read between
January 2010 & November 2019

That's 1 book every 9.81 days
or 3.1 books a month
for 9.92 years.

Each title on this list is a 100% real book, of course: not one was consumed on a device.

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