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Books Read: Fiction


Philip Roth2008

Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back

Robert Penn Warren1980

Killer Of Crying Deer

William Orem2010


William Kennedy1975


Don DeLillo1988

Lionel Asbo

State of England

Martin Amis2012

Manhattan Transfer

John Dos Passos1925


Jeet Thayil2012

Night of Camp David

Fletcher Knebel1966

No Country For Old Men

Cormac McCarthy2005


Zadie Smith2012

On The Beach

Neville Shute1957

On The Road

Jack Kerouac1957

Rabbit Is Rich

John Updike1981

Ragged Dick

Or, Street Life in New York with the Boot Blacks

Horatio Alger, Jr.1868


E. L. Doctorow1974

Remembering Laughter

Wallace Stegner1937

Requiem For A Dream

Hubert Selby, Jr.1978

Rock Springs

Richard Ford1987


Or, The Children's Crusade

Kurt Vonnegut1966


Karen Russell2011

The 480

Eugene Burdick1964

The Angel Esmeralda

Nine Stories

Don DeLillo2011

The Autobiography of Joseph Stalin

Richard Lourie1999

The Bad Seed

William March1954

The Bell Jar

Sylvia Plath1963

The Circle

Dave Eggers2013

The Corrections

Jonathan Franzen2001

The Counterlife

Philip Roth1986

The Day of the Locust

Nathanael West1939