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Books Read: Fiction

  • Haircut & Other Stories

    Ring Lardner1922

  • Harlot’s Ghost

    Norman Mailer1991

  • Hitchcock and Bradbury Fistfight in Heaven

    ed., McSweeney's 452013

  • Homer & Langley

    E. L. Doctorow2009

  • House Of Meetings

    Martin Amis2006

  • How To Read Literature

    Thomas C. Foster2007

  • Indignation

    Philip Roth2008

  • Ironweed

    William Kennedy1983

  • Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship Back

    Robert Penn Warren1980

  • Killer Of Crying Deer

    William Orem2010

  • Landfall

    Thomas Mallon2019

  • Legs

    William Kennedy1975

  • Let Me Be Frank With You

    Richard Ford2014

  • Libra

    Don DeLillo1988

  • Lionel Asbo

    State of England

    Martin Amis2012

  • Manhattan Transfer

    John Dos Passos1925

  • Narcopolis

    Jeet Thayil2012

  • Night of Camp David

    Fletcher Knebel1966

  • No Country For Old Men

    Cormac McCarthy2005

  • NW

    Zadie Smith2012

  • On The Beach

    Neville Shute1957

  • On The Road

    Jack Kerouac1957

  • Poor White

    Sherwood Anderson1920

  • Rabbit At Rest

    John Updike1990

  • Rabbit Is Rich

    John Updike1981

  • Ragged Dick

    Or, Street Life in New York with the Boot Blacks

    Horatio Alger, Jr.1868

  • Ragtime

    E. L. Doctorow1974

  • Recapitulation

    Wallace Stegner1979

  • Remembering Laughter

    Wallace Stegner1937

  • Requiem For A Dream

    Hubert Selby, Jr.1978