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Books Read: Fiction

  • A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    & Other Stories

    Flannery O'Connor1955

  • A Lost Lady

    Willa Cather1923

  • A Study In Scarlet

    Arthur Conan Doyle1878

  • A Swell-Looking Girl

    Stories, 1929-1931

    Erskine Caldwell1959

  • A Visit from the Goon Squad

    Jennifer Egan2010

  • A Walk on the Wild Side

    Nelson Algren1956

  • Amerika

    Franz Kafka1927

  • Amity & Sorrow

    Peggy Riley2013

  • An American Dream

    Norman Mailer1964

  • Around The World In Eighty Days

    Jules Verne1873

  • Babbit

    Sinclair Lewis1922

  • Bad Monkey

    Carl Hiaasen2013

  • Being There

    Jerzy Kosinski1970

  • Billy Bathgate

    E. L. Doctorow1989

  • Billy Phelan’s Greatest Game

    William Kennedy1978

  • Canada

    Richard Ford2012

  • Candy

    Terry Southern & Mason Hoffenberg1958

  • Cogan’s Trade

    George V. Higgins 1974

  • Cosmopolis

    Don DeLillo2003

  • Counter-Clock World

    Philip K. Dick1967

  • Days of Wine and Roses

    David Westheimer1962

  • Deliverance

    James Dickey1970

  • Dewey Defeats Truman

    Thomas Mallon1997

  • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

    Philip K. Dick1968

  • Exit Ghost

    Philip Roth2007

  • Factotum

    Charles Bukowski1975

  • Fahrenheit 451

    Ray Bradbury1953

  • Fellow Travelers

    Thomas Mallon2006

  • Finale

    The Reagan Years

    Thomas Mallon2015

  • Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said

    Philip K. Dick1974