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Books Read: Art & Design

Change By Design

How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations & Inspires Innovation

Tim Brown2009

Envisioning Information

Edward R. Tufte1990

Leonardo’s Brain

Understanding Da Vinci's Creative Genius

Leonard Schlain2015


Gertrude Stein1938

Stop Stealing Sheep

And Find Out How Type Works

Erik Spiekermann2003

The Art Of Creative Advertising

Michael Antebi1968

The Big Idea

George Lois2008

The Design of Everyday Things

Donald A. Norman1988

The Education of a Typographer

ed. Steven Heller2004

The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

Edward R. Tufte1981

The Visual Miscellaneum

David McCandless2009

Thinking With Type

A Critical Guide

Ellen Lupton2004

Thinking With Type

A Critical Guide

Ellen Lupton2004

Touching and Imagining – An Introduction to Tactile Art

Poems & Essays, 1973-1984

Jan Švankmajer2014

Visual Explanations

Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative

Edward R. Tufte1997

Visual Strategies

For Scientists & Engineers

Felice C. Frankel & Angela H. DePace2012