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All About Me: Bio Basics

Biography I went and pulled the plug over 30 years ago, as an experiment in essential living.

Since 1992 I have been studying American heritage while living a pop culture hermitage.

That means: no TV; no Facebook; no Twitter; no Instagram; no TikTok; no texting; no followers; no likes; no subscribers; no subscriptions... comments; no reviews; no shares; no NetFlix; no movies... modern sports; no modern music; no video games; no credit cards; no debt; no logos... celebrities; no fashion; no trends.

Aptitude tests in high school reported I was best suited to be a farmer.

Expelled my senior year from Gonzaga College High School in the District of Columbia, I was a high school drop-out for awhile and began living the life of a musician, playing shows and trying to get signed to a record contract.

I was accepted by the Catholic University of America despite having neither a high school diploma nor a GED or SAT scores.

While in college I was an intern in the United States House of Representatives and a waiter at numerous dive bars.

I made Dean's List and graduated with a BA in American History and a minor in Philosophy.

My professional career since college has gone in this approximate order:

  • managing a software store
  • database systems manager
  • network administration
  • network emergency tech
  • manager of information systems
  • server set-up and management
  • intranet tech
  • web master
  • web developer
  • web designer
  • university professor

What’s common to all these aptitudes and roles? Data management and design – the constant in all the information revolutions since Gutenberg.

This website demonstrates the value of studying the humanities. Remember - I was a history major: I taught myself how to do absolutely everything you see, read, hear, watch and otherwise consume on these pages.

I usually read more than 40 books a year. I slave over family tree research, & code whatever I think up. I play chess too.

Here is some of what interests me:

  • Late 18th- to Mid 20th-Century American Literature

  • American History

  • Cold War Foreign Policy

  • Watergate

  • Genealogy

  • Physics

  • Philosophy

  • Chess

  • Debate

  • Photography

  • Graphic design & typography

  • Popular music from the 1920s to the 1970s

  • 40+ years in musical composition & performance

What I Read

I majored in History in college and it's had a huge effect on every part of my life.

I've often wondered if I studied history because my mind is wired a certain way, or whether it got the way it is because I studied history.

I'm lucky - I get to work at the intersection of the humanities and STEM.

Here's some work aiming at the sweet spot between history, design & development.

Enjoy Some
Interactive History

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