The Secret of Happiness and Virtue

Time-lapse sampler, Winter/Spring 2014. Photography experiments shot in and around Washington DC, the Maryland Eastern Shore and Ground Zero, New York City.

Turn on your speakers – this collection is meant to be what they’re all meant to be: funny, strange, interesting…. and ironic.

Look for hints of French impressionism, Soviet constructivism, American pop art, Japanese Imperialist re-education and the global surveillance state.

The narrative tying it together (written 1931, recorded 1955) echoes complaints about where the doltish American culture is headed.

Photography + soundtrack © John Carmody

  • CSS Grid: Print-To-Web Experiments

  • Slaughter On NY Avenue

  • Frame By Frame Animation

  • National Press Foundation

  • Resolution No. One

  • The Cary Group

  • Interactive Genealogy Museum

  • Interactive Story Map: Family Burial Plots

  • You’re My Thrill

  • The Corcoran Gallery of Art – Interactive Exhibition Kiosk

  • Interactive Deep-Zoom Image (DZI) Batch Image Processor and Gallery

  • AgIS Capital LLC

  • LaBokay Natural Resources

Client Case Study:
The National Press Foundation

I was hired to build the National Press Foundation a brand new website featuring a state-of-the-art digital asset management system allowing the foundation to deliver streamlined interactive educational experiences to the national and international journalists making up its target audience.

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