JavaScript Count-Down Timer with Full Page Map

Happy 150th Birthday, Cornelius J. Carmody!

One of my great grandfathers has the sesquicentennial anniversary of his birth coming soon, so I whipped up this interactive prototype as part of my family genealogy project, to share with relatives and others.

The back-end pulls out the person’s data including image, bio, description, map defaults and lat/long, then the front-end creates a full-screen map centered on the person’s home town, while the count-down timer animates to the scheduled event.

This responsive solution uses Javascript, PHP, mySQL, CSS3, Greensock GSAP and Google Maps APIv3.

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Client Case Study:
The National Press Foundation

I was hired to build the National Press Foundation a brand new website featuring a state-of-the-art digital asset management system allowing the foundation to deliver streamlined interactive educational experiences to the national and international journalists making up its target audience.

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