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I Really Didn’t Mean It!

SONG – When I wrote “I Really Didn’t Mean It!”, I was thinking of a ‘Buck Owens meets the Rolling Stones in 1965 with the drummer from Blondie’ kind-of-thing. This song was performed by one of my bands, The Revellaires – words + music (c) John Carmody

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Goodbye My Baby

ORIGINAL SONG: People of a certain fortunate generation grew up idolizing the guitar riff and guitar solo. This song is a reflection of that. A power-pop rocker, “Goodbye My Baby”  is performed here by one of my bands, The Revellaires. (words/music © John Carmody, Washington, DC).

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Arbor Day

I was listening to The Jam and The Buzzcocks quite a bit when I wrote this one… …it’s hard to get a song in under 2 minutes, I came close, but… recorded by The Revellaires. (© music by John Carmody, words by John Carmody & Kevin Johnson.)

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The Lady Vanishes

“The Lady Vanishes” combines dynamic sampling and a high-octane performance engineered & mixed with a fierce attitude. This instrumental was influenced a lot by the Stone Temple Pilots, Soul Coughing & Cheap Trick. Here it’s performed by one of my bands, Down With Meyers. This version is a live take – play it loud.

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Olde Town Crier

This song was influenced a lot by Supergrass, ELO & later-career Beatles. The cello section (for 3 parts) was composed and arranged by me. “Olde Town Crier” is performed here by one of my bands, Down With Meyers.

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A Real Moral Let-Down

When I wrote “A Real Moral Let-Down”, I was listening to a lot of Louis Jordan, the La’s and Social Distortion. It’s performed here by one of my bands, Casey’s Brain, and features a couple of smoking guitar solos backed with a tight rhythm section and a girl singer.

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A pretty waltz I came up with in a moment of bleakness. I wrote the words & music and composed & arranged the string quartet. “Mailbox” is performed here by one of my bands, Casey’s Brain.

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Mary What’s Her Name

A pretty song written by me for Mother’s Day. It’s in 3/4, 4/4 and 5/4, and was influenced by the Beatles, Grant-Lee Philips and Simon & Garfunkel. I played all the instruments except the drums (John Orem.)

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Kid From Kansas

This song combines elements of surf, pop & psychedelia in a lamentation about commuting to work and wishing you were in a favorite idealized place instead. Influenced by XTC, The Who, The Beatles, Crowded House, REM and Dick Dale, it is performed here by Casey’s Brain (audio only.) Words, Music, Arrangement © John Carmody.

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Half-Carved Heart

A brooding, pretty piece about being a kid during World War II, and then going back to your 50th grade school reunion. Influenced by Crowded House, Simon & Garfunkel & REM, this song was performed by Casey’s Brain. Words/Music/Arrangement © John Carmody, Washington, DC (audio only).

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Your Polite Applause

This is a song about not getting what you need when you could’ve used it. I wrote “Your Polite Applause” to be a cross between the Everley Brothers, the Cars, the Osbourne Brothers, The Who, the Byrds and Simon & Garfunkel. Recorded by Casey’s Brain. Words/Music?Arrangement © John Carmody, Washington, DC. (audio only)

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The Arms of Venus

Time-Lapse experiments shot mostly in my studio, mostly found moments from x-ray vision to the dancing bat. Soundtrack song was written by me & performed by one of my bands – turn it up loud: there is a smoking guitar solo.

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I Still Remember My TV

I gave up TV in 1992. Living without the extensions of modern media garbage is a luxury I urge you to embrace. This video combines physics, dissatisfaction and insanity to represent how those who’ve not yet pulled the plug are utterly wasting their lives. I wrote and played all the instruments except for the drums and cello, and built the samples,

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