Web Design + Data + New Media

I do it all. If you can describe it, I can build it: database-driven websites and custom WordPress CMS solutions for organizations which need something more than something off the shelf.

  • Clients

    Museums & galleries; foundations; law firms; journalists; restaurants; thoroughbred stables; energy companies; pro rock bands, & many others.

  • Skills

    WordPress dev; interactive web design; new media storytelling with data-driven maps, charts, galleries & timelines; audio & video editing; much more.

  • Teaching

    An experienced university professor, I teach design, communication, post-production & animation courses in diverse departments and academic disciplines.

  • Projects

    Highlights of lectures, client and faculty work, proofs of concept in JavaScript, graphic design, live data sets, animation, information design and more.

  • Biography

    Aptitude tests in high school reported I was best suited to be a farmer.

  • Reading

    I threw out my television 25 years ago, leaving plenty of time for reading.

  • Studio

    My work studio is a co-mingling of the obsolete and the cutting edge, a regular Collyer Mansion for the modern man.

  • Photography

    It took me awhile to go digital – a penultimate apostasy in my book. Want to see what I can do with a crummy camera?

  • Music

    I cannot read or write a note of music — I taught myself by ear to play different instruments & write songs in sundry styles & genres.

  • Video

    These are mostly time-lapse experiments – I shot the imagery and composed the soundtracks.

  • News

    Recent additions to this site: web projects, design projects, photo galleries, original music & video — you name it.

  • Resources

    An archive of articles which tie into the web projects I build, the university courses I teach and the lecture audiences I address.

Client & Faculty Work

Most people in my field do web development *or* web design – I do both, front- & back-end design & programming.

Working with clients of all sizes, I am highly skilled at creating custom database-driven interactive solutions using PHP, mySQL, jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap & WordPress.

I am well-versed in creating innovative applications serving up API-driven rich content from Scribd, Flickr, SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter, Google Custom Search, Disqus, Wufoo and others.

The George Washington University

  • Graphic Design: Layout and Design of the Book
  • Digital Media Design: Frame-By-Frame Animation
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I

The Corcoran College of Art + Design

  • Art History: Digital Media Culture
  • Graphic Design: Junior Studio Core, Graphic Design III
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Program, Audio Production: Speed of Sound
  • New Media Photojournalism: Graduate Thesis, Directed Study
  • New Media Photojournalism: Senior Thesis, Directed Study
  • Digital Media Design: Senior Thesis, Digital Media Design IV
  • Digital Media Design: Junior Studio Core, Digital Media Design III
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design II
  • Digital Media Design: Interactive Web Design I
  • Digital Media Design: Sound Design
  • Digital Media Design: Flash Animation

The Catholic University of America

  • Interactive Media Design: Audio Production & Design
  • Interactive Media Design: Video Art w/Final Cut Pro
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Dreamweaver
  • Interactive Media Design: Intro to Flash

Seminar Presentation – the National Press Foundation

  • Information Design: A Foundation in Web Publishing Tools

Seminar Presentations – US General Accounting Office

  • Graphic Design: Web Design For Print Professionals
  • Information Design: Transitioning from Print to Web Publishing

Lecture Audiences

  • The National Press Foundation
  • The United States Government Accountability Office (USGAO)
  • Judge, The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards competition

>> More Faculty Work by John Carmody

Genuine Original Compositions

I cannot read or write a note of music, I am self-taught on numerous instruments by ear.

This is a small sampling of original songs, audio collages, time-lapse videos and photography I’ve composed, recorded and otherwise shot over the years.

This includes musical work I composed for instruments I cannot play (violin, cello, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, others.)

Original Photography: Black and White

The majority of these were taken on an old 35mm Pentax camera. All imagery © John Carmody, Washington, D.C.

Original Photography: Washington DC

Usually I carry a camera or other recording device with me around Washington, D.C. All photographs © John Carmody, Washington, D.C.

Original Photography: Nature

Miscellaneous shots of flora and fauna. Photography © John Carmody, Washington, D.C.

Original Photography: Portraits

Family, friends and strangers, some pictures just take themselves. All photographs © John Carmody, Washington, D.C.

Original Photography: My Studio

Most of these images are from a Washington Post Magazine feature. Photos © David C. Kennedy, the Washington Post.
The rest? © John Carmody, Washington, D.C.

Original Photography: Kitchen Sink

A miscellaneous collection of old and new images. The photograph above is right out of the camera, no Photoshop, filters, special lens or anything. All photographs © John Carmody, Washington, D.C.

>> More Original Photography

All You Need To Know About John Carmody

I pulled the plug 25 years ago.

Since the end of 1992 I have been studying American heritage while living a pop culture hermitage.

That means: no TV (at all), no Facebook, no Twitter, no crummy music, no texting, no celebrities, no sports, no credit cards, no video games, no debt, no logos, no smart phone...

You get the idea.

Books Read, 2017

  1. The Fables of Ivan Krylov
    Translated by Stephen Pimenoff
    2017 -
  2. The Scarlet Letter
    Nathaniel Hawthorne
    1850 -
  3. Ragged Dick
    Or, Street Life in New York with the Boot Blacks
    Horatio Alger, Jr.
    1868 -
  4. Hard Times
    An Oral History of the Great Depression
    Studs Terkel
    1970 -
  5. The Day of the Locust
    Nathanael West
    1939 -
  6. Life on the Mississippi
    Mark Twain
    1883 -
  7. I Married A Communist
    Or, The Woman On Pier 13
    Robert Stevenson
    1949 -
  8. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream
    Hunter S. Thompson
    1971 -
  9. In Confidence
    Moscow's Ambassador to America's Six Cold War Presidents (1962-1986)
    Anatoly Dobrynin
    1995 -
  10. Being There
    Jerzy Kosinski
    1970 -
  11. Lincoln’s Constitution
    Daniel Farber
    2003 -
  12. Manhattan Transfer
    John Dos Passos
    1925 -
  13. The Prince
    Niccolò Machiavelli
    1513 -
  14. Leonardo’s Brain
    Understanding Da Vinci's Creative Genius
    Leonard Schlain
    2015 -
  15. No More Vietnams
    Richard Nixon
    1985 -
  16. 1066
    The Year of the Conquest
    David Howarth
    1977 -
  17. Ragtime
    E. L. Doctorow
    1974 -
  18. Herblock: A Cartoonist’s Life
    Self-portrait and Views of Washington from Roosevelt to Clinton
    Herbert Block
    1993 -
  19. Tobacco Road
    Erskine Caldwell
    1932 -
  20. How The Other Half Lives
    Studies Among The Tenements Of New York
    Jacob A. Riis
    1890 -
  21. All The Pretty Horses
    Cormac McCarthy
    1992 -
  22. Darkness At Noon
    Arthur Koestler
    1941 -
  23. Keith Moon
    The Life & Death of a Rock Legend
    Tony Fletcher
    1998 -
  24. Animal Farm
    George Orwell
    1945 -
  25. The Gutenberg Galaxy
    The Making of Typographic Man
    Marshall McLuhan
    1962 -

277 Books Read b/w January 2010 & July 2017 (in January 2010 the iPad was announced, fyi.)

That's 1 book every 9.99 days, or 3.04 books a month for the last 7.58 years.

What Do I Read?

Each title on this list is a 100% real book, of course, not one was consumed on a device.

Click here for the big list of books.


Aptitude tests in high school reported I was best suited to be a farmer.

Expelled my senior year from Gonzaga College High School in Washington, D.C., I was a high school drop-out for awhile until I was accepted by the Catholic University of America without a high school diploma, GED or SAT scores.

Would you like to know more?

This is a Creative Environment.

An extension of skin, bone, circuit boards, paper & vinyl, my work studio is a co-mingling of the obsolete and the cutting edge.

Antiques, cast-aways, 33 1/3 album covers and open-source software interact with a striking visual experience which never fails to inspire hi-quality work.

My Studio was Featured in the Washington Post Magazine


Check out Second Glance - “The Great Wall of Music”

More Photos from My Studio


Click here to see more photos from the Washington Post Magazine shoot, as well as other photos taken over the last 18 years as this space has evolved.

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Unplugged Since 1992

I have been studying American heritage while living a pop culture hermitage:

  1. no TV
  2. no celebrities
  3. no radio
  4. no sports
  5. no crummy music
  6. no car
  7. no logos
  8. no credit cards
  9. no debt
  10. no cell
  11. no smart phone
  12. no eBooks
  13. no texting
  14. no blogging
  15. no twitter
  16. no blackberry
  17. no facebook
  18. no video games
  19. no consumerist wastage
  20. no trends